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"Passionate About Meat"

Scott and Ed worked together at a wholesale abattoir and butchers on and off over a 12 year period (between Scott’s travelling). 


They were looking to start a business together as they both had their own sideline businesses.

Through their love of cooking, their passion for meat and customer service in 2018 The Meat Men was born. 


The Meat Men had a mobile food stand which went to shows and events throughout England and Wales serving their own dry-aged beef in steak sandwiches, burgers, breakfast baps etc. The stand was called - The Somerset Steakhouse.


In 2020 all events being cancelled due to COVID-19 The Meat Men knew they had to diversify their business. The business started getting messages from customers who from time to time used to buy fresh meat from the company saying that due to COVID and the start of lockdown they couldn’t get delivery slots from supermarkets and really didn’t want to venture out to the shops. 


The Meat Men quickly realised they could offer their award winning meat to customers by advertising on social media and offering a free delivery service. Over the last 12 months since the first lockdown the business has grown from the 2 men cutting and delivering a few orders over a Wednesday and Thursday to now operating 6 days a week, 2 members of staff (both Lin & Andy plus Becky and Kristi), 2 delivery vehicles as well as a busy wholesale business supplying other butchers and trade customers.

Meat The Team

The Meat Men Scott.jpg

Scott Cartwright


Started butchering and abattoir work at 15 in West Somerset

Learnt his craft in the UK, France, New Zealand and Australia over the past 15 years.


Specialises in whole carcass butchery, bacon curing, sausage making, continental & charcuterie butchery.


Favourite Steak: Ribeye

Favourite Joint: Rolled shoulder of pork

Favourite Meaty Snack: Biltong

Favourite Cuisine: Italian (lives on pasta)

Hobbies: Hunting, Fishing, Cooking and Spending quality time with family.




I joined the Avon and Somerset Constabulary in 1989 and a few years later Edward came along to join the two of us, myself & my wife Margaret in our lives.

I retired from the force having completed nearly 30 years, a few years back whereby Ed asked me to come and help out delivering for The Meat Men when they started out last year. My job is mainly deliveries to residential customers for the boys. I'm not one to just knock on the door, pass over the product and leave for my next customer. I believe in talking to the customer explaining the product I have delivered to them. If the customer is new I will give them a brief history of how the boys started the business.


Favourite Steak: Fillet

Favourite Joint: Lamb Shank 

(I am Welsh so I am biased towards lamb!)

Favourite Meaty Snack: Bacon sandwich!

Favourite Cuisine: Indian with a good beer alongside!

Hobbies: Gardening and Cycling.




Becky runs the accounts here at the meat men and future wife to Ed.

Favourite Steak: Ribeye

Favourite Joint: Lamb

Favourite Meaty Snack: Bacon Roll

Favourite Cuisine: Italian

Hobbies: Spending time with family/friends and horse riding

The Meat Men Ed.jpg

Ed Davies


Has been in and around the meat trade and farming since a very young age and decided to get more involved in his school holidays since 10 years old then starting full time when he was 16 and never looked back.


Specialises in sourcing the right animal for the business and sorting wholesale customers and butchery. 


Favourite Steak: T-bone

Favourite Joint: Shoulder lamb

Favourite Meaty Snack: Bacon roll

Favourite Cuisine: Italian/British

Hobbies: Showing fat-stock cattle at Summer and Christmas shows and enjoy judging cattle!




Kristi assists with marketing and admin here at the meat men, future wife to Scott and mother to Hunter - the little meat man.


Favourite Steak:  Sirloin

Favourite Joint: Shoulder of Pork 

Favourite Meaty Snack: Bacon Sandwich

Favourite Cuisine: Italian

Hobbies: Spending time with family/friends and son Hunter

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