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“Fat, Marbled Meat!!”


Beef - Selected by Ed every Monday from Sedgemoor Primestock Market. We favour a number of breeds like Angus, Hereford and Ruby Red Devon. The most important thing we look for in the beef we select however is that they’ve been fed properly. We want fat, marbled meat!


Transported by Ed to either Snells Abattoir, Chard (GB 8191) or C&S Abattoir, Sherbourne (GB 8354)


We then Dry-age the beef for up to 40 days.


Lamb - Selected by Ed at Sedgemoor Fatstock Market every Monday.


Transported by Ed to Hopkins Abattoir, Taunton (GB 8184)


We dry-age our lambs for up to 14 days.


Pork - Our pork is reared and selected by Tom Lockwood in Talaton, Devon. The best pork we’ve ever worked with and it’s the same week in, week out.


Transported by Tom to Hopkins Abattoir (GB 8184)


Pork isn’t typically dry-aged for a long period of time as the dry-ageing process can effect the rind if left to long. We find 5 days is perfect.


Poultry - Free Range Chickens and Ducks are sourced from Beech Ridge Farm, Wellington. (Small producer no GB number)


Barn Reared Chicken sourced from Beech Ridge, Crediton. (GB 8013)

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